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Bethlehem Milk Bottle is individually hand thrown on a potters wheel in the tradition of ceramic artisans since the beginning of the 20th century. Each piece is unique in size, color, pattern, texture and weight.

Bring out the charm of your kitchen with this set of cute handpainted milk bottles. With the Bethlehem Scene inspired by George Frederick Sowerby, these milk bottles will surely bring joy everyday to you and your family. This would be a great addition to your kitchen or a gift to a friend. Also a wonderful way to evangelize! Every microwaveable bottle is made with a different design. These bottles are high quality and can last for years!

Each of our glass milk bottles is mouth blown and hand painted by artisans in the ancient Bethlehem region of the West Bank.

How could we forget the milk! Well, we haven't and we love these bottles. Each one is carefully and expertly hand turned and sealed. They make great Christmas gifts and nativity scenes or put in your beverage area or kitchen or bar area to collect compliments! Wash by hand to keep beverage clean. Do not put in the dishwasher.

Milk Cartons is a collection of straight-sided milk bottles, each with a different design on the sides, back and top of the milk horizontally. The milk carton is a common form in all kinds of contexts, from everyday beverages to art pieces and is a symbol of a seemingly clear and simple thing: milk. It's purpose is at the same time clear and its simplicity has lead to their low status as empty containers.

Hi everyone! I've been getting a lot of questions about Bethlehem Milk Company since this article ran, starting with the number one question: What is Bethlehem Milk Company?

Bethlehem Milk Company was founded in 1885. It sold its products in glass bottles that were emblazoned with the words "Bethlehem Milk." The milk came from cows and was sold to children and adults. It cost $0.03 per bottle.

Yes, Bethlehem Milk Company is still around, but the bottles are no longer sold through the company.

Yes, Bethlehem Dairy is still in business and they continue to do a booming business supplying milk to the Lehigh Valley, but they stopped selling their product in glass bottles long ago (the 1970s). The company no longer sells their old glass milk bottles, so if you want one for yourself, you're going to have to contact someone who has them for sale.

That's right - they only sell milk in cartons and half-gallon jugs now.

That's right—Bethlehem Milk Company no longer sells milk in bottles. Today, they only sell gallon jugs and half-gallon cartons of milk.

They still make the same high-quality milk, though! Plus, they make a variety of flavored milks like chocolate and strawberry.

If you're looking for a Bethlehem Milk bottle, you have to find a vintage one.

Anyone who has seen these Bethlehem Milk bottles knows that the design is so nice it would be cool to have one, even if you didn't put plants in it. However, the only way to obtain an authentic bottle is either through a reseller or from someone selling their old one. The company no longer sells them as new products and has instructed anyone that wants one to visit their local craft store for a knockoff version.

That makes them quite collectible, but let's take a moment to think about how people use them today before we get into what makes them collectible in the first place.

Try eBay or Etsy, or any online reseller site that deals in antiques.

As for buying the bottles, you have a few options. The first is eBay. On the site, you can search for Bethlehem Milk bottles and you should be able to find some results. Etsy is a similar online marketplace that sells handmade goods and vintage items, so that's another great option. If neither of those work out for you, try checking your local antique shops and even your local craft stores (they could have something similar in stock).

Or visit antique shops in your area.

While browsing your local antique shops, you're sure to find vintage milk bottles from dairies that have long since left the business. These are great options for collecting milk bottle vases and will add a lot of character to your decor. Depending on their age, condition and rarity, these can usually be found for under $10 each online or at your local antique shop.

However, if you’re not willing to pay the price for a vintage bottle or simply want a new glass milk bottle, check out our collection of plastic milk bottles in fun colors!

If you don't want to pay what the collectible bottles can cost, there's an easy alternative.

If you're not willing to pay for the vintage bottles, you can use a glass bottle from your local craft store. These bottles are similar in style to the Bethlehem Milk bottles from Bethlehem, PA.

You can use them to serve milk or other drinks on warm days, but they also make great decorations around your home and garden.

A modern glass milk bottle is available at most craft stores. They are also available for sale online. These bottles look very much like the original Bethlehem Milk bottles, and you could even put them in your fridge to keep your milk cold!

If you're looking for a vintage Bethlehem Milk bottle, check out Etsy and eBay. Just search "Bethlehem Milk"! If you want that vintage look, but don't want to spend the money on an actual vintage bottle, go to your local craft store and buy an empty glass milk bottle for about $4-$5. The bottles they sell today look a lot like the vintage ones, and you can put them out with your milk on warm days if you want to make a similar presentation as the Bethlehem Milk Company did at picnics and other events when they delivered milk in glass bottles!

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