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Bowtech Rpm 360 Compound Bow

324$ 2 bids | 2d

Bowtech Compound Bow

200$ 1 bids | 4d

Bowtech Banner

20$ 0 bids | 4d

Bowtech Tribute

300$ 0 bids | 1d

Bowtech Amplify Compound Bow

650$ 0 bids | 0d

Bowtech Destroyer 350

160$ 0 bids | 2d

Bowtech Reign 6 Limbs

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Bowtech Rascal 20-30# Rh

150$ 0 bids | 5d

  • Bowtech has been a leader in the archery industry for over 35 years. Their bows are known for their design, performance and durability. It produces bows that are suitable for all levels of archers, from beginners to professionals. A Bowtech bow is easy to use and comes with an excellent warranty. 

    Bowtech offers many different bow types including compound bows, crossbows, recurve bows, longbows and traditional composite bows. They also have several different models within each type of bow.

    Bowtech Believer Compound Bow

    The Believer is one of Bowtech's most popular compound bows because it is lightweight and easy to carry around in your hands or on your shoulder when traveling through the woods or hunting grounds. It also features a draw length range from 25" - 30". This makes it perfect for both adults and children alike. This bow comes with an ambidextrous cam system that allows you to shoot left-handed or right-handed with ease. It also features an adjustable draw stop and an adjustable draw length as well as an adjustable cable guard system (ACG) which allows shooters to adjust their draw weight depending on how heavy they want.

    Another Bowtech's popular bow is their ATV Camo compound bow, which is great for all types of hunters. It is made from durable aluminum alloy and comes with a draw weight range of 40 to 70 pounds. It also has a draw length range of 25" to 30". The ATV Camo has an IBO speed rating of 330 feet per second, which makes it one of the fastest bows on the market today. You can also choose between left- or right-hand models when buying your bow from this company. It comes with a string that has four different colors: white, black, red and blue. This gives you the option of matching your bowstring to your favorite color scheme or just keeping it simple with plain colors like black and white. It has a price tag that ranges between $400-$500 depending on which model you want to buy.


    Bowtech has different model lines:

    X-Force line

    This is the flagship line of Bowtech that includes several different recurve bows, longbows and crossbows. The X-Force line includes high-end compound bows with features like Carbonlite riser technology and AMP draw weight adjustability system.


    This line features high-end recurve bows with features like Carbonlite riser technology and AMP draw weight adjustability system. The AccuDraw line also includes crossbows like the CarbonLite Crossbow which is designed for hunting small game animals such as rabbits and squirrels.


    This line offers entry-level recurve bows as well as compound bows in various price ranges.

    How do you choose the right bow for your needs? 

    Here are some things to consider when buying a second-hand Bowtech:

    Draw weight

    The draw weight is how much force you need to draw back your bowstring, or how much weight it takes to pull back your arrow. It’s measured in pounds (lbs), kilograms (kg), or Newtons (N). The higher the number, the harder it will be to shoot — so if you’re a beginner, try starting with something lighter like 40 lbs or less. If you want more power and speed, go with something heavier like 60 lbs or more.

    Draw length

    This is how far back you pull when drawing your bowstring. It’s measured in inches (in.) or centimeters (cm). A shorter draw length means less effort required to draw the bowstring all the way back; however, it also means a slower arrow speed because there’s less stored energy in the string when released compared to a longer draw length which stores more energy but requires more effort to draw.

    • Dexterity
    • Right Hand241
    • Left Hand58
    • Ambidextrous9
    • Brand
    • Bowtech317
    • Diamond Archery31
    • Hoyt2
    • Bear Factory1
    • Mathews1
    • PSE1
    • Draw Weight (lbs.)
    • 70lbs.108
    • 60lbs.43
    • 55lbs.15
    • 50lbs.13
    • 65lbs.4
    • 40lbs.1
    • 45lbs.1
    • Archery Type
    • Bow Hunting189
    • Target6
    • 3D Archery3
    • Field3
    • Color
    • Black96
    • Multi-Color41
    • Green20
    • Gray13
    • Purple9
    • Blue5
    • Red4
    • Orange3
    • Brown2
    • Pink2
    • Silver1
    • White1
    • Draw Length (in.)
    • 30in.54
    • 31in.54
    • 29in.32
    • Less than 27in.16
    • 27in.10
    • 28in.6
    • 32in.3
    • Suitable For
    • Men91
    • Youth25
    • Women2
    • Overall Length (in.)
    • 30in.25
    • 31in.20
    • 32in.15
    • 29in.6
    • 28in.3
    • 34in.3
    • 26in.2
    • 37in.2
    • 33in.1
    • 35in.1
    • 36in.1
    • 39in.1
    • Material
    • Aluminum Alloy34
    • Carbonfiber16
    • Carbon Fiber10
    • Aluminum7
    • Fibreglass1
    • Model
    • Diamond Infinite Edge Pro10
    • Bowtech Assassin8
    • Bowtech Insanity CPX8
    • Hoyt Elite1