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Ouya Console Silver

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The Ouya, named after a legendary troublemaker of the NBAs Boston Celtics, is a unique Android-based, micro console that strives to bring fun to the people in an interactive way. A micro SD card is preinstalled within it, enabling you to play console style games on your phone. You can use your headphones to play the games, or even hook up your TV to use the built in screensaver. There is no need for any other devices, such as a laptop, for playing. It also has all the same features of the regular Ouya console but running on an older version of Android.

The Ouya, styled after the basketball star of the same name, is an interactive micro consoles based on the innovative OYO technology. Launched in May 2021, it has quickly become popular with consumers, owing largely to its unique features. Julie Uhrman, founder of Ouya, brought in professional designer Yves Baehar to collaborate on the design and concept of the unit, leading to the creation of its unique design and features. While it is not a clone of the Sony PlayStation, it does offer many features that are similar to the latter, including the Move motion sensor, camera, microphone, and screen.

It is equipped with a popular gaming website, a library of more than a thousand games, as well as a library of popular apps, some developed by Ouya itself. There are no third party applications and most games require at least one free game download before you can start playing. The gaming website is available for free, and provides news, tips, guides and game announcements regularly. Ouya unique programming platform allows it to emulate many of the characteristics of classic gaming consoles, while making them accessible to anyone with a smartphone. There are many themed applications available both on the Android and IOS mobile devices and they range from games to television subscriptions. The gaming website, which offers over fifty games in various categories, is also used as a means to earn money through the application.

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