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  • In the world of marine electronics, there are few devices as important as the engine control unit (ECU). This is the system that governs your boat's engine and allows you to make adjustments on the fly. The ECU also provides a wealth of data to help monitor your boat's performance and ensure everything is running smoothly.

    At the forefront of ECU technology is Volvo Penta, which manufactures some of the most advanced electronic controls in the industry. If you're looking for a high-quality ECU for any type of boat, Volvo Penta is a great place to start your search. In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about Volvo Penta EVC systems and discuss how to find the right one for your boat.

    What Is an EVC?

    EVC stands for Electronic Vessel Control and it refers to Volvo Penta's proprietary control system. These units can be found on their diesel and gasoline engines, as well as on their jet drives. In short, an EVC is much more than just an electronic throttle or shift control. It functions as an entire control center for your boat's engine, giving you command over every aspect of its operation.

    Volvo Penta EVC Systems

    Volvo Penta's Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system, first introduced in 2003, has gone through a number of upgrades and improvements to make your boating experience even better. EVC is the name given to the combination of electronic controls, instrumentation and engine management systems that work together to deliver performance, safety and reliability.

    Volvo Penta's unique EVC system is based on the CANbus technology that's also used in trucks, cars and satellites. CANbus allows for a comprehensive digital exchange of information between different components within the system, which results in better precision, efficiency and reliability.

    The system consists of an engine-mounted unit, connectors, sensors and instrumentation. Volvo Penta EVC provides the following functions:

    - Joystick for intuitive boat handling

    - Trip computer, which displays data such as fuel consumption rate, running time to empty, water depth and many other useful parameters

    - Volvo Penta's unique Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), which automatically holds the boat in a desired position through a combination of rudder angle and engine speed

    - Predictive cruise function for efficient cruising at a pre-set speed and rpms


    One of the advantages of Volvo Penta's EVC system is that it uses a simple, intuitive joystick control system. It's easy to use as well as effective — you can drive a boat with an EVC-equipped engine with no prior experience or training. The joystick control enables you to maneuver in tight spaces and dockside with complete confidence and control.

    Volvo Penta's EVC system is available for both gas-powered and diesel-powered sterndrive engines and can be installed either when you buy your boat or after purchase if your engine is compatible. Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) is the latest in electronic control systems for Volvo Penta sterndrives and petrol engines.

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